YACT – Yet Another Chief Title has been introduced at Just-Eat

As Just-Eat grows we need to change our organisation to make sure it is optimal for changes in size, geographic reach, ambitions, etc. 12 months ago we made our last structural change, and now we do it again. We are introducing two new roles into the company, the classic COO and the not so often used CDO (not a reference to those asset classes that raged havoc lately), The titles are not really relevant, but you need them because they sometime ease external communication. In another company I worked for 10 years ago, we decided that everybody should choose their own title, and it was put on business cards, in contracts, etc. I choose the fantastic title of SACEUR. To be clear, the two roles should rather be called "Bob the Builder" (CDO dude) and "Lion King" (COO dude). Anyway, the interesting thing here is not the titles, but what they are supposed to do. Rasmus W. (the CDO dude) will be responsible for a range of activities all related to "development", e.g. Product and Partnerships. I seldom use big words about good people, but when it comes to Rasmus I have to use big words, since he is more than just normally talented, and he actually uses his talent. And does it with a lot of energy, so I am sure Rasmus will make a big, positive impact in this role (which is 25% of what he is already doing today). The other role (the COO dude) is more interesting for me to mention here, since we don't have the guy. There are lots of good people in JE, but they are all busy with their own areas, and are typically working within their sweet spot already, so this man or woman we need to find from the outside. Until now, we have found all new senior people our selves (Country Managers, Execs), but this time we will get help from a headhunter. It is very pricey, but I think it is worth it, since it will 1) speed up the process and 2) we will tap into a very big network of candidates. So if you (or someone you know) is a smart & energetic person with a great sense of humor and strong leadership skills, then let us know. We promise to be nice, and if you have a passion for building success, then you are very welcome.

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