World Party 2010

Once a year, we get all full-time employees together for a big, social event. It becomes more and more complex (and expensive) as the company grows, but it is really worth it, and it is increasingly important as more and more colleagues are added to the ranks of Just-Eat cadres. This year, nearly 140 people from many different countries met in Center Parcs, Elveden Forrest, North of Cambridge, UK. Centre Parcs is a big area with hundreds of small houses, where people can engage in all kinds of activities, or just relax by the lakeside. For two days focus was on getting to know each other, which is essential in a high growth company with many challenges that needs to be solved on a team basis every day. Fixing difficult issues is so much easier, if we all have a good understanding of each other, and trust in the many informal relations within the company - this is a big part of our backbone. Before we got going, we of course first had to be properly dressed, so we could do a bit of PR for smart takeaway ordering - below is Mike showing his similarity to Belly. BBshirtsMay2010 As the first activities, we all in the best Just-Eat style had to choose between doing ... ... archery, ... ArcheryMay2010 ... laser combat, ... LaserMay2010 ... or paintball (no pictures, too violent). Other skills were also shown, and we are an open and creative company, so that is all fine. WhatMay2010 Later on it was party times, with some dressing down (Tech) ... TechToPartyMay2010 ... and some looking somewaht more chic. ToPartyMay2010 It is too much to go into all details of the event, but it was really a good event. The fantastic weather helped a lot of course, but big thanks to Mike and especially Amy for organising the whole thing. And here we all are, anno May 2010. GroupPictureWorldPartyMay2010 Next year we will be even more, and hopefull just as cheerfull.

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