World Meeting September 2011 – Milan

Three times a year all Just-Eat managers (now a whopping 75!) meet for a few days to dive into best practice within Sales, Marketing, Operations and Technology - and have a bit of fun. I have been writing about these events before, but this time I will refer back to the old saying that a picture says more than a thousand words. So, here we go with lots of random pictures from meetings (well one meeting), a walk through Milan, a bar in Parco Sempione, dinner on Friday night plus a few of the not censored pictures from the night club. NB: this is one of the heavier pages to download, sorry for that, but there is a good story here ... Sept2011 008 Sept2011 012 Sept2011 013 tn_DSC_0605 tn_DSC_0551 tn_DSC_0553 tn_DSC_0532 Sept2011 014 tn_DSC_0610 tn_DSC_0623 tn_DSC_0621 tn_DSC_0638 tn_DSC_0649 tn_DSC_0659 tn_DSC_0668 tn_DSC_0679 tn_DSC_0662 tn_DSC_0692 tn_DSC_0701 tn_DSC_0725 tn_DSC_0727 tn_DSC_0736 tn_DSC_0745 tn_DSC_0792 tn_DSC_0793 tn_DSC_0867 tn_DSC_0885 tn_DSC_0934 tn_DSC_0964 And the day after with tiny eyes, but the essential thing is, that he was there at 8.15 in the morning, ready to go: Sept2011 011 Thanks to Camron for taking a 1,000 pictures!

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