World Meeting January 2010, London

We had our latest World Meeting this week in London. We meet in the centre of the city for a couple of days with focus on the professional program, but I am sure quite a few of the team members also had a night out or two. These World Meetings are always positive experiences, because I meet so many people from the different countries (we are around 30 participating now), and they are all fully charged to tell about how they are building their business, and how we can improve our offering to delivery restaurants and consumers. I have now been in the business for about 20 months, and it is amazing to see how these meetings has developed. The concept is quite different now compared to what I experienced when I started, but, the real change is how we are so much more professional in our approach to doing business. That is a natural progression any company has to go through, but it is very satisfying for all of us to see that it actually happens. The big joy for me is that this is happening while we still maintain our no-nonsense, high energy approach to doing business. That is what often slips in a process like we are undergoing now, but we seem to be able to industrialise our industry while maintaining the best of the old virtues. Yehaaa!

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