What a great story Jesper Buch

On this blog, I have a couple of times dived down in the exciting and at times dramatic Just-Eat history, and as we all know, Jesper Buch has been an important part of our heritage. Jesper was one of the co-founders of FoodZoom who merged with Just-Eat in 2001, but his real achievement was the energy he put behind our company when he became CEO in 2002. Those were the days with no money and even less sleep. But the team with Jesper-what-ever-it-takes-Buch in the lead started earning money in 2005, which proved the model and paved the way for the scaling of the company which started a couple of years later. It is no secret that the relationship between me and Jesper has been rocky at times. Our personalities are not only very different, but we are also different in a, hmm, different way. Jesper and I had the best of intentions when we started working together back in the spring of 2008, but quickly realised that our compatibility was not that great, so we had to part. That was difficult for me, because it would have been a good help, especially in the beginning, to have had Jesper by my side with all his detailed knowledge of our operations. But it was also very difficult for Jesper, and probably even more for him because he at the time had spend so many years together with Just-Eat. He had to migrate from running this company hands-on to a new life, where he is an angel investor working out of Spain. But Jesper is no quitter, so he has fought his way back, and his transformation is now being completed. Jesper has a nice portfolio of investments, where especially Miinto is an interesting company, and he is getting into his new role. And in typical, creative Jesper Buch style he recently went trekking, or rather he walked on the ancient pilgrimage trail, El Camino de Santiago, spending most of a month walking through some of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe, where he finally placed a stone at Cruce de Ferro. And what stone was that? Well, check out the small, yellow stone at the centre of this picture that has a red inscription: BuchStone What a story Jesper Buch!

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