Viva Espana

The next country where we will thrill the citizens with the Just-Eat online takeaway experience will be Spain. We have researched the market quite substantially, and even though the takeaway delivery market in Spain is not particularly big or mature, then it is still an interesting market for us to launch in. Even though Spain is not going to be a major market for many years, then we have decided to enter the market aggressively, since we know how to scale the business, and we are confident that by pushing hard in the first couple of years, then we will also make the overall online market grow even bigger. But with a significant investment, we also need a strong team on the ground in Spain, and most importantly we need a first rate Country Manager. Country Managers for our kind of business (demanding and challenging on many levels) is difficult, but we have found our Spanish champion: let me introduce Jerome Gavin. Jerome has everything we are looking for in a Country Manager; sales, marketing & operational experience, leadership, energy, smartness and on top of that both experience from a big internet company (eBay) as well as his own start-up. Hungry surfers in Spain can be looking forward to a treat. Jerome will take charge very soon running out of Madrid, but with significant focus also on Barcelona (the location of our next World Meeting), so the launch can happen in the best possible way before Christmas. Viva Espana!

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