V6 Beta

Yes, after a looooong time we finally have our new website in full beta in most countries (we call it V6, not after the typical engine size of the cars our owners are driving, but because it is the 6. version of the front-end). You can check the UK version here. In Just-Eat we have for an amazingly long time had very limited focus on our website. I guess it is because conversion rates very already so high, and we grow very well  anyway. But at the end of the day, a big part of what we are is a well functioning website where users easy and conveniently can find their takeaway and order it. So there has for a long time been a major improvement potential. And when we finally got around to it, the project moved excruciatingly slow. Delay on delay while everybody fight-ed to get the work done. It happened to be, that there were quite a lot work to be done, because we used the project to clean up the code, and we also had to extinguish some fires here and there. But now we are here, and it is looking great. Conversions are up, user satisfacton is up and we are more visible on long tail search terms. And this time we will remember, that this is an ongoing process. Never again shall Just-Eat experience to loose focus on our website - it's time to set new standards as we the coming years will put more ressources and smartness into product development. Time to realise we are ALSO an internet company after all. And time for me to get back to the family and the Easter "hygge".

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