Upping the TV factor in Denmark

It is not only in the UK we are building our consumer brand via TV. Actually it was Just-Eat.dk that as the first country on the planet promoted a portal for online takeaway via TV advertisement (link is to an English/Irish language version). It was first aired in June 2008 just when I started. I have never liked it (maaaany discussions with Morten Larsen running our great Danish company). Anyway, in the autumn we took the decision to make a proper analysis of the market situation in Denmark, and after that we made a number of Agencies do a pitch. The winner was Uncle Grey, who had some creative and funny ideas. The result will be visible for the Danish TV audience in the coming weeks. And here are the stories: "feeling like home", and "my first word". It is in Danish, which may be a challenge for some (!), but then enjoy the pictures which are set in a very classic Danish house/apartment, where light and light colours are important since we don't get that much sun light in Denmark. Which again is one of the reasons why takeaway food is big in that part of the world: only a few months of the year is it possible to sit outside at a piazza having Maki Rolls and Shashimi followed by a bit of white wine, so instead we sit home having a "hyggelig" time. I like the ads - I still prefer Belly & Brain (more flexible universe), but I do believe this will work very well in a Danish context, and we will see Just-Eat improve it's already impressive position, where more than 70% of the target market knows our servicend brand.

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