Many companies develop their own company lingua. It can be abbreviations, special terms, etc. In Just-Eat we have a fantastic and very versatile term: tikka-tik. The phrasing was first used by Rune & David a couple of years ago when Just-Eat.co.uk was at Canary Wharf. They used the term to avoid giving a long explanation about something everybody understood already, e.g. "we need to solve this issue and ... tikka-tik". In that little closed group (three people in office), everyone knew exactly what tikka-tik meant in that specific context. A person can also be a tikka-tik, e.g. "Oh, that supplier is such a tikka-tik". And again, everyone knows what that means. It is a very effective concept that is now used by most of us. It is very handy. I have even heard some of the lads talking about a girl they see on the street as a "tikka-tik". I think this tikka-tik concept has a wider future way outside of Just-Eat. It could be the most used word a few years down the road. First we all learned to speak English, so we had a global language, and now we just need to get to know the tikka-tik concept, and then we can save a lot of communication time. "This tikka-tik is tikka-tik, but we need to tikka-tik to achieve tikka-tik"! That is a tikka-tik example. Someone should put it in Wikipedia, and I guess this blog is the first ever to try and formulate and document the concept, so I have played my little role in the fantastic rise of the tikka-tiks.

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