Throwing stones in Stockholm

In Just-Eat we love to work together with entrepreneurs that build great companies. We consider ourselves to be pretty good entrepreneurs, but we also know that it is good for us to mingle and learn from other entrepreneurs. One of our partners is OnlinePizza, which runs the leading Swedish site for online ordering (and also a newly launched Polish site), and we have have been partners with them for about a year now. A few days ago I visited their newe HQ in Stockholm. I don't see these guys enough, which is a great pity, so it was good to spend some time together. It is all very fine with skype calls etc., but nothing beats a good handskake and a dunk in the back. Part of the meeting was to settle a couple of outstanding issues of which the most important one was: who can throw a stone the longest? I am the Just-Eat champion, and since we/Just-Eat see ourselves as the best, I should of course be able to beat the Swedes. However, OnlinePizza has Per which is a pretty big bloke that has played handball and volleyball for many years, so the contest was a bit more tough than I had planned. The first throw went well (I wun), and the second was "kind of" a draw. But the last two throws Per wun with increasingly larger margin to me. It is actually the first time ever I have met a person that threw a stone longer than me, so I was of course a bit shocked and tried to come up with verious excuses, but the conclusion unfortunately is that I lost. Respect to Per and OP for that. And that story might explain the big smile on the face of Dan and Niklas - bandits as they are. Maj 2010 031

One thought on “Throwing stones in Stockholm

  1. Perra

    Thanks for your visit Klaus!

    You gave me a tough match which forced me to adjust the technique a little bit in the last throws. Work on your talent and you might have another shot in the future..

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