The veterans

If I look at the more than 150 full time and 150 part time colleagues I have here in Just-Eat, then at least 80% of them are hired after I joined the company in the spring 2008. It shows something about the growth we have seen the last couple of years. It also says something of the significant organisational and cultural challenge we have had in incorporating many new people into an organisation that was very slim as a starting point. To boast a bit, I think one of the things we have done fairly well (meaning not perfect, but sort of fairly well ...) is to mix new and old. There were some parts of the old Just-Eat that we really wanted to support also in the future (e.g. drive/energy, team spirit, etc.), but there were also some areas, where we needed to change (e.g. investment willingness/ambition, respect for professional experience, etc.) so it has been a challenge. Today our company is more diverse than ever (e.g. probably at least 20 nationalities represented in the Group) and we still have a strong and effective culture. But just like our new colleagues are coming with a lot of good stuff, then the veterans have some valuable lessons for all of us. To get that message out, and to get their stories out, I will start to publish "veteran interviews" on this blog, i.e. making summaries of conversations I have had with some of those people that has been in the company for 3, 4, 5 years or more. More coming soon!

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