The story – again, again

The blog I posted yesterday on some for me new facts about the early life of Just-Eat have given some backdoor comments, which I also expected, since it is not a well known fact, that there were people involved with Just-Eat all the way back in 1998. I got a phone call from Jesper Buch, and he wanted to be sure, that we are not in the process of writing an untrue story about the past, and of course that is not the case. So, for the record: Jesper Buch played a very important role as CEO and leading co-founder when he took charge after the 2002 shake out. That is beyond any discussion, and no one want to change that. What I set out to do with my blog post was something different: 1) there is an even more fascinating and even older story behind Just-Eat than what I had known until now, and 2) co-founders that did contribute in the important early days should be remembered for their effort no matter whether they played a big or a small role. I am not interested in who was the most important person, and who did what in 2002. We are in an excellent position today and that is the most important thing.

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