The robots are coming … in a few years

Today, Just-Eat is only involved in food delivery in Denmark, where we have a very successful and growing delivery operation with 25 cars, Just-Delivery, run but good old JJ. It is not our intention to make delivery part of our Group strategy any time soon, but personally I am convinced that one day most food delivery (and a lot of other delivery operations) will be run by robots! I have heard quite a few disrespectful remarks about my robot vision from dear colleagues, but I know who will have the latest laugh, check this one from the first pizza delivery robot ever, or check out what Google cars can do now a days - in my world view, these two video clips are scientific proof that I am right, robots anno 2020 will rule the delivery market ... 2 month ago our UK operations moved their office to Elstree/Borehamwood, where they now have a big, and very nice office incl. massive rooms for the managers (i.e. 5 times what I got). In the kitchen, Jakub (our lead designer) made this unique painting with plenty of Just-Eat symbolism: September2011 082 I looked a bit more into the picture, and then I noticed this bit on the right corner: September2011 081 I can't figure out whether they are taking the piss on me, or they are celebrating the idea. Anyway, the last laugh is on me ... for sure!

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