Thai ok – but what about the kids?

Had a Thai takeaway yesterday (of course ordered via Just-Eat) and it was good. But the kids only ate the spring rolls, and then they disappeared out into the garden to jump on the trampoline. I think there is a niche for takeaway restaurants that tried to specialise in menu's that families with small kids could relate to. There are tons of small-children families where the parents likes to buy a takeaway from time to time, but where it is really annoying, that there are no or only limited children friendly menus. It's a business opportunity guys, get going - I am sure that Just-Eat will help you to get orders.

One thought on “Thai ok – but what about the kids?

  1. Rasmus Wolff

    I am sure they will love Satays too.

    But on the topic I really think the worst part of this is the kids menus that are out there. It is ALWAYS plain pizza, simple pasta, sausages, chicken nuggets, hamburgers (no lettuce please), or maybe some fried fish. Sure the kids eat it without complaint and maybe it is better than just spring-rolls (or is it?. But really it is crap food!

    How about if they actually learned to eat a proper thai dish? You can actually order it mildly spiced if you put a comment when you order. Our kids have grown fond of the indian butter chicken and massala, the naan and other stuff that acually taste of something. And maybe provides a more healthy diet than the fried processed foods of normal childrens menues?

    I find that avoiding anything green in the actual dish and then serve some chopped fresh tomatos, cuecumbers, peas, etc on the side does the trick and allows our family to share the food we order without having to get the crappy stuff.

    So maybe it is just a matter of adding a bit of help-text to the menues giving parents an idea about how they can adapt the dishes to suit childrens taste-buds and how to motivate their kids to eat good food?

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