Team spirit

What a great weekend. The IE guys had really made a great event for all of us. Friday evening I came to bed quite a lot later than normal after having participaring in arm wresting with people from Ireland, Denmark, Italy, Canada, etc. I pretty much laughed continuously for several hours. Saturday the competitive gene of the company came out 110% when we played Gaelic football. My team reached the semifinals out of the 8 teams which I am not quite satisfied with ... but at least we managed to play a lot of games on a wet football pit without injuries which is impressive given the energy people put into it. In the evening we went to a classic Dublin pub, watched some rugby on the tv monitors (it is truly an impressive game I have to admit, very-very powerfull and entertaining) and got ordered some great pizza takeaway from the national Irish pizza team. Great event that contributes to building the bonds and stories that makes us more than just an ordinary company.

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