Talking to a veteran: Momen

Momen was the first sales rep to be employed when the UK company launched in Marts 2006. He was hired by David Buttress. He told me that even though he had accepted an invitation from David to have an interview, he did not turn up because the company looked dodgy, and "did not even have a websited"! David of course chased Momen, and they did end up talking, and Momen for some strange reason started working for Just-Eat. The story highlights one of the problems Just-Eat has encountered outside of Denmark for the last few years until we got the Index investment last year: talented people always looked at us with some suspicion - "who are you, selling pizza's, hmm". But the truth is also, that every time someone took the time to talk to us, they always got intrigued about the concept, the opportunity, the team. Anyway, Momen went on to become an absolute star performer. During his reign as first sales rep, and later Sales Manager for Southern England he signed 700 restaurants! That is a lot. I asked him whether our current UK Sales Director (DC, who started a few months later) did not have the same performance, and Momen says quickly with a big smile "no, he has only 670". That Momen convinced 700 restaurant owners in less than 3 years to join Just-Eat and build a good relationship to them so they are still with us is just amazing. For people that don't know about how hard a trade it is to walk the streets, find delivery restaurants, engage them and convince them, I will tell you it is absolutely fantastic what Momen did. It is a record that will maybe never surpassed. August 2010 038 Since the beginning of the year Momen has been in charge of the restaurant side of customer care in the UK. It was an area that needed some love and care, so with Momen's Just-Eat sales background and his former job in telesales he was a good pick, and has as usual done well. I asked Momen about what has changed for good and bad the last couple of years. "A lot has changed. But the company is much better today, more professional,so  many good people. The thing that I am missing, is the spirit we had when the sales guys "blitzed" cities (a special Just-Eat concept, red). In the old days, it was a lot of fun, and there was intense competition between the sales reps who all focused on building restaurant relationships in a "blitz" city. Today, I don't feel the same spirit when we do blitzes, some puts in an effort and likes to hang out and have fun as well, but others just show up to show the flag and are not really engaged". Momen is of course touching on something here. Many good things has happened in our company, but we should not lose that teamwork spirit and the fun of working. Let that be Momen's input to the continued journey of our company. Thanks for the chat Momen.

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  1. paiam

    Hi klaus sorry but i have to come with a small correction , i Think i was the first sales rep in uk not momen.
    any way momen was the best one i miss to work with him no body could break our sales record even now.
    Payam Zarbakht

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