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JUST EAT winner of the Tech Track 2012 brand award

There are awards, and there are awards, but this one we won tonight I am really happy about, because it is another proof of JUST EAT getting respect for the awesome marketing thinking and execution we have build the last few years:

13Nov2012 013

A big thanks to our dear CMO, Mr Braddy, Richard and the almost 100 marketeers that are working day and night to push JUST EAT in the right direction. Yehaaa!

The Chefs are coming – don’t cook JUST EAT

It was JUST EAT who pioneered building a "proper" consumer brand in our sector using classical media channels with a twist. We started working on the Belly & Brain concept at the end of 2008, and it has done a great job in the UK and a number of other countries, but now it is time to move on. We are taking our branding efforts to a new level, and we are now ready to introduce the chefs! The chefs are pretty upset, because time and time again they can see that normal people are doing the cooking them selves! What a hassle! It is also dangerous! And often it doesn't taste very well - other people have the same view ("don't trust you oven" - slightly manipulated of course!). Cooking should be done by the professionals, the chefs - and funny enough, those guys you can access via JUST EAT.

The chefs are a determined bunch, and in order to rally all of us, they have of course like all good revolutionaries made a manifesto to make it crystal clear what they are trying to achieve:


1.  COOKING IS COBBLERS. We want people to burn their aprons and liberate themselves from the tyranny of cooking. 2.  CHEFS IS BEST. People must cease stealing our jobs. We are the professionals. We do the cooking. 3.  EATING GOOD. COOKING BAD. Eating is easy, unless you suffer from a goiter. Cooking is all choppy, choppy, messy, messy. 4.  PLAY PING PONG WITH SAUCEPANS. We want people to stop cooking and use their time more wisely. 5.  BURN ALL COOK BOOKS. This is our recipe for a better world. 6.  COOKING IS VERY DANGEROUS. People should avoid losing limbs or even death by staying out of the kitchen, 7.  SILENCE ALL CELEBRITY CHEFS. Take a cheese grater to their noses and stop them from spouting culinary views we find quite unnecessary. 8.  WAR ON WASHING UP MANUFACTURERS. We must rid the world of these evil people for inventing cooking purely to enrich themselves. 9.  DON’T COOK, JUST EAT. Sing it, Shout it, chant it, tattoo it onto your hairy chests, but don’t stop until every cooker in the country is kicked into touch. Isn't this getting you interest just a little bit? If you want to learn more about these charachters then check out this background video. And here is the official intro commercial. You can also follow the Mozz, Mr Halloumi, Mr Basmati (my personal favourite) and all the others on Twitter, Facebook Youtube and all those other modern ways of communicating. Did we have a twinkle in our eye as we developed this universe - jahh, I think so! And some of the guys went all their way to show support for the chefs (thanks Anne & Mat, you look really cool and corporate!):


Don't cook, JUST EAT - enjoy!