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The big C

We did it again! Went through a few months of focused effort and then suddenly the Just-Eat bank account has been filled up. The press release says we raised $64 Mio., but with the exchange rate on the day it was actually $65 Mio. - but as they say, what is a Million between friends? Officially this is called a series C funding round, because that is what logically comes after A and B funding rounds, internally known as "the big C". The new guys we have chosen to work with are Vitruvian Partners - also great for us to see we got full backing from our existing investors, thanks to Index, Greylock and Redpoint. For those that follow the European internet scene Vitruvian doesn't pop up as the traditional VC, but more of a Private Equity company ("PE"), which is true. So, why are we suddenly getting money from spreadsheet driven PE's instead of the sexy "big picture" VC's? The answer is simple: it is difficult in Europe to raise that level of money from traditional VC's. $65 Mio. is a lot of money, and well beyond the scope of the traditional VC model. In the US it is different, but if you want someone that has a European presence to support you then an important option to explore is the mid-cap growth focused PE guys with internet experience. Another argument for inviting PE's on board is that they in general have another set of expertise and support infrastructure which is helpful in our situation. We got - as usual, I am cocky enough to add - a fair amount of interest, and most of those potential investors were PE companies, typically US investors with a good European presence. Several of them we really liked, but we ended up with Vitruvian partly because they had a different feel to them. Of course Vitruvian offered the right terms, but several investors did - most of the people we talked to in the process were also really good people we got along with, but the specific Vitruvian guys on this transaction had a great rapport with us. It probably helped some of them in the past worked as VC's, entrepreneurs or executives in high growth companies. And what will we use the money for? Other than the usual jokes about corporate jets, there are only a few specific things on the list, and the rest is dependent on what happens in the future. We already run a tight ship, where we generate enough money in profitable countries to fund loss making countries. But there are so many growth opportunities out there in terms of new countries, consolidation/M&A opportunities, new technologies etc. so it makes a lot of sense to have a very strong balance sheet so we can move fast if the right opportunity arises. Just-Eat is ready for the next chapter in our history, thanks to all who contributed so far! Back to running the business - money is nice, but the real deal is what you can do with those money, and that is all about satisfying restaurants and consumers. PoundSign500px-Dollar_Sign.svgEuroSign