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I have thought about getting this blog up and running for the last half year, and finally with help from Rune R., here we go. Based on the most commonly used blog publishing software, I am finally in the ranks of the self promoting internet generation. So why do I start blogging (other than it is interesting for me to see how internet CMS has developed since I last had hands-on experience with this almost 10 years ago)? Well, it is because, I really-really want Just-Eat.com to become a truly international success. And part of that is to preach the message of how the world will be a better place if we all did our takeaway ordering via the internet ... well, it might be an exaggeration that the world becomes a lot better, but at least it helps a bit: fewer trees to be chopped down for menu card production, more effective ordering without the frustration of language issues and occupied phone lines, better choice to pick from, safe credit card processing, etc., etc. All in all, a quite good proposition. When the average takeaway consumer understands this, I am sure they will all skip the phone and come the way of the convenient takeaway portals like just-eat.com. And if I with this late entry blog could help to push a bit in the right direction, then that would be super. Mission accomplished. But since takeaway and online ordering is not the only thing of importance on this planet, I assume I will spend a good chunk of my blogging time on very different issues. We will see - I will take it one blog at a time. Cheers!