Rugby and relationships

The other day I went with some of my colleagues to a 6-nations rubgy match in Cardiff. We invited a couple of Just-Eat partners with us to have dinner first, then see the match and have a bit of fun. It was the first rugby match I have ever seen live, and to see a 6-nations match in Cardiff, where rugby is the national sport, was an extra twist. The Welsh made a number of blunders in the first half, so despite much better performance in the second half they were beaten on their home turf, which is as close as you can get to national disaster. The trip was also a social opportunity to be together with some of our important partners. In business as in social life, building relationships is important. When Just-Eat and our partners knows each other better, it is much more fruitful to have brainstorms on how to help each other and to sort out disagreements, etc. In that respect our industry is just like any other.  ToCardiffFeb2010

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