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The other night I met with four of my colleagues to play RISK. It's a great game, and even though I don't play it very often, I really enjoy playing it, especially when I win. The stakes were pretty high for me: as CEO, I can't really loose in our first internal clash on the battlefield ... It would be detrimental to my standing as the general and strategist of the company ... From the beginning the atmosphere was tense. We spend the first hour arguing about the rules of the game (the specific game we played that evening had some strange rules in the rule book, that I had never seen before), and we all accused each other of cheating, so all in all a good start. Three of us fairly quickly got a continent, mine was Europe. Europe is great in the sense that it gives you five armies, but it is also really a challenge since it is difficult to protect. But, I managed, due to the weak competition ... and when I started getting really strong, most of the other guys saw it as their main purpose to kill their boss. But it all ended as it should , and the victory was sweet -;) Friday when I got in, the other guys tried to explain the outcome in various pathetic ways, but they have to accept that now I am both the "stone throwing champion" of the company as well as the RISK champion. The guys in the team can take it, even though some of them are really bad at loosing (don't want to mention names). For a while I will be the Just-Eat RISK champion, and I will enjoy it while it last - next time they will for sure trash me completely and utterly.

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