RISK: It’s not about winning (grrr)

After a long break (we have been busy with a few things), I met with some of my colleagues to play RISK one evening last week. Last time it went really well, so I had high expectations. We were six playing, so the progress was a bit slow, but the blue troops showed again, that they are a crack bunch of troopers: Australia was taken and the biggest army in the game was amassed. I was clearly in the lead, and the other trembled. Then I did a major mistake: I started to boast a little bit, innocent stuff like "I won last time, and I am winning again", "you are tikka-tik. The other guys didn't reaaaallly like that, so suddenly I was fighting a war on all fronts. Four of my dear colleagues attacked me again and again, and then I was out. Wiped out. Completely. Mike won, and as can be seen on the picture Carlos greets him. And I was of course happy on behalf of Mike, well-done, you deserved it. And as for Mat, Rasmus, David and Carlos: I will remember what happened that evening in my kitchen! LateApril2010 017

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