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We have a new logo, yehaa. Let's look at a bit at the history of JustEat logo's, and then the reader can assess if the progress has been for the better or the worse. Our first logo was designed by the original JustEat guys back in 2000 and it is no secret that I have personally never liked it. I felt it was too downmarket and old fashioned, but it did have one thing going for it: it did do the job in terms of supporting the amazing growth of our Danish business, so respect for the classic JustEat logo: logo1159442279_small_logo_com Then at the end of 2008 we decided it was time to modernize the logo. We stood in front of our first serious investor presentations, and I felt it was too embarrassing to show the JustEat "classic" logo (shame on me, but hey, that is what I felt), so we decided to do a "quick and dirty" process with our ad agency. They were not logo specialists, and they even warned us that they were not necessarily the right ones to talk to, but we had some sense of urgency, so spending 6 months on a logo process was not a real option. The most difficult thing when picking a new logo is often the internal discussions, customers I can deal with, but internally it tends to become a bit of mess. After a very speedy process, we ended up with a logo that clearly had roots in the old "tandoori" logo, but it was more modern, and even though not perfect, then I felt much better about presenting it. Internally half the company didn't like the change, and the other half either liked it, or got exhausted by discussing and just wanted to move on. So ahead we went:  Logo-Just-Eat 2009   When we picked this logo in the beginning of 2009 we agreed that even though the new logo was a big improvement, it was still not aligned with our ultimate objective: to build a global, much loved 21. century consumer brand. We therefore knew, that within 2 years, we had to come up with the "real new" logo. The process to find the winner logo started several months ago, and we now have a unanimous winner: JElogo2011 Doesn't that just take your breath away -;) Anyway, we love it, and we will do everything we can to make it awell  known consumer brand all over the World during the next decade. The guiding principle in designing the logo has been to find a logo where there still is a link back to the previous logo, it has to show our internet heritage, and it should be simpler, more modern and "smarter". As a extra benefit, the new logo works well with many different colors, so I am sure we will play a bit with the color palette in the coming years. The logo is online now in the UK and will be rolled out in all other countries over the coming weeks - as well as here on my blog. Hope you like it!

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  1. Klaus Nyengaard

    Interesting: at JustEat we really think this new logo will fly, but only two people have left a comment, and they are obviously not satisfied. Let us see, it will take a couple of years before we can determine who is right or wrong. Atleast it is good to see, that there are people out there with a bit of passion for our logo, old as well as new!

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