Our Glue: the Just-Eat Jam

Key to almost all successful companies is an organisational culture which gives an edge compared to the competition. Something that gives a bit of intangible x-factor (sorry for using the term). This "glue", that holds the company together, and supports the growth of the company has always been a key part of the JustEat success, all the way back to when the company was founded 10 years ago. But a culture should not be static, it has to evolve with the company, and the wider society. There has to be a clear red line linking old and new, and that has also been the case as our glue developed. This has been especially important the last few years where we have seen a big change in the company which we had to adapt to. When a company reaches the size we have now (around 300 employees - I think!), then you have a situation where the "veterans", that know what the glue is, and who is living it 24/7, is hiring people that is hiring people who is hiring people. This is potentially dangerous, since the culture fit test that is an important part of any recruitment is at risk. We are trying to deal with this in a number of ways, e.g. making sure that several people incl. veterans are involved in all recruitment. However, last spring we decided to make it explicit what our glue is, since it makes it easier to talk about when meeting new people, and it is also easier for people who has been in the business for 6 months to talk to new candidates about what JustEat is all about. My first reflex when thinking about "documenting the culture" is to run away screaming, but I can rationally see it makes sense. So, we have done it - but don't expect to see posters with our commandments on office walls, and rules of how to repeat the rules 3 times every day. To get to the written definition of our "JustEat Jam", we went through a process of more than half a year where many people were directly involved, and everybody in the company was encouraged to give input. Finally, we have ended up with what I think is spot on for who we are today - take a look for you self below. If you like it, and don't already work for JustEat, then consider joining us -;)

The Just-Eat Jam: Fruity chunks of goodness that make us taste great

Call us Frank
We have a frank, no-nonsense house style built on mutual respect and enjoying each others company We love facts that generate great debates, and we're willing to take the correct decisions even if they hurt
Hungry for success
We have the desire to win, we passionately pursue success We respect people who take a risk and try something new Entrepreneurialism is key to our success Winning is challenging but the challenge is fun!
Talented staff are the cherries...
We always hire the best people for the job We each have the freedom to succeed and not be afraid to fail We respect hard work and commitment as much as skill and ability
...but Teamwork is the cake
We work & play together as one global team - collectively we know so much and we use this knowledge to succeed The heroes are the ones that get the job done, but super heroes also help others too We enjoy freedom within our roles, but we work for the success of the overall company NOTE: We demand you enjoy your work at all times. If you are found not to be enjoying yourself you will be executed as a warning to others - alternatively dipped in a vat of molten chocolate and rolled in coconut flakes.