New webdesign

Yesterday we launched our new web design the UK. After a bit of testing back and forth, we will launch the same design in most of the other countries. The first evening went really well. Normally, when you change a design so significantly as we did, you lose customers, but yesterday we instead made a record for a Tuesday! Cynics would say, that of course the new design would be better liked, because the old design was not very modern. And yes, I definitely agree on that, but it is still an achievement to launch a completely new skin without technical glitches and with full customer acceptance. Well done IT/Tech! And then we will move on to the next phase in the new year, which is to improve functionality and usability, and there is a lot to be done. Just-Eat customers all over the World can look forward to these improvements, and we will of course involve you in the process, so we don't only rely on our own wacky ideas.

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