Mingling with the Index’s

Sometimes people ask me why we choose Index Ventures as the VC, when we took funding in 2009, and I usually give them the song and dance about Index's good track record, nice people, right investor approach bla-bla, but in reality, it was because I desperately wanted to go to the annual Index CEO event! And this year, it happened last week, where around 40 people or so went to Babbington House in Somerset, UK. Was it all worth it? Absolutely, every penny. Babington is a nice place, but the real thing was of course to be together with people that I really enjoy spending time together with. Focus was on the social side, and especially the football match, the many chit-chats and the poker tournament in the evening were highlights of the event for me. Some of the participants I knew already, but several extra has been added to my LinkedIn profile after last week. The Index's are very good at creating a cool family atmosphere for the portfolio companies, which in some ways is an intangible asset, but still very valuable. May2010Misc 013 Poker in the dark So, if you have a good digital business going, then maybe we will meet in May next year!

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