Megaphone! And a fun and positive attitude to life

Friday night, we had Christmas Party for UK, UK-Tech and HQ. We were 65 people that went to Oxford and had dinner on a boat (that never left the quay), and then suddenly Santa Claus came by with a lot of presents. That was very handy, and it added to the party atmosphere, where "spirits" were already very high. Santa looked a lot like our CFO by the way. My dear colleagues made sure, that Santa had the present just for me; a megaphone! Now, what does that tell me? Maybe they indicate that I speak loud and like to tell other people what to do ... nah, can't be that. I am sure they just wanted to give me a present that is practical, when I am trying to discipline my kids. Next week it is DK, NO and DK-Tech that celebrate the coming Christmas with a proper party in Aarhus, and the other countries also have their parties throughout December. A Christmas party is an important social event in any company, and much more telling about the internal dynamics than people realise. I think the party's in Just-Eat are always good, because we have so many young people, and so many with a good, fun attitude to life, but it still makes a difference whether the planning has been taken care of or not. In our case, especially our dear CFO, Mike, and his energetic assistant, Sumaya, has done a fantastic job. Big applause to them. And what does it say about our company, that it is Finance & Accounting that acts as social committee and do a great job? That we do prefer to hire people with a positive and fun attitude to life, no matter what positions we are talking about.

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