Meeting the team

Tomorrow, I am off together with the rest of the Group Management Team. We are going to a place somewhere outside London to shoot clay pigeons! Mike W. and I felt that would be an appropriate way of doing some male bonding (still no females among us) while installing some testosterone driven fighting spirit. And since my grandfather was a world champion in rifle shooting back in the 30's, I guess I have to win - just like I am best at playing RISK  and throwing stones! It is getting even better on Thursday, since we are then flying to Malaga, Spain, to met all the other senior people in the company to spend a couple of days mixing business with pleasure. We have a lot of interesting stuff on the agenda (product road map, new branding/campaign in the UK, learning across, etc., etc.), but socialising is as important as the professional stuff. These gatherings and seminars are always a big success, and people tend to come home physically exhausted, but mentally super charged. Hopefully, it will be the same this time, when the group has expanded to more than 25 people. I will keep you posted.

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