Last night with the guys & girls – and me as a cartoon super hero

A couple of days ago I had my goodbye dinner in London with many of my old JUST EAT colleagues. It was a great evening (and very bad the day after) that hammered home the fact that it will take a very long time before I again can work with so many good people in one, great company (working on it, but it will take time, more about that another day). My dear ex-colleagues had also been so considered to give me some gifts. Already some weeks ago the Danes gave me a toy robot, and funny enough on Wednesday evening the "one-day-technology-will-take-care-of-food-delivery" theme had also been the starting point, so me (and my kids) just got this shiny new toy, yehaaa, time to fly! However, most unique of all, was a poster that some of the marketing guys had made, since I have always dreamt of being a super hero, especially one with a hot dog in his hand. I'm not sure exactly what the message is, but there is a lot of details and stories on this poster  - the revolution is coming to a takeaway near you!


Again-again: thanks for all to those who helped make it possible. And now on to new adventures that needs a hot-dog equipped viking super hero - the Universe and Beyond!

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