The takeaway Kalmar Union

In 1397 at the Kalmar Castle, Southern Sweden, representatives from Denmark, Sweden and Norway signed a treaty to partner up. The Union worked on and off for one and a half century, so it can not be said to be a huge success. Now, a new Takeaway Kalmar Treaty has been signed, and I think it will be working much better than the first one. In 2008 things heated up in the Swedish market for online ordering of takeaway. A bunch of young guys based in Linkoping had for a while worked with Onlinepizza and they started to get some traction. Also, Just-Eat launched, and at the same time another bunch of guys out of Luleaa launched On top of that, there were also smaller players popping up, so the Swedish takeaway customers were having a treat. And now three of us has teamed up. The Onlinepizza and guys has been really-really good at building their business. They have an excellent mix of technical, commercial and strategic skills, so Just-Eat has had to fight in Sweden. But when the end is good, then everything is good, and I am happy to announce that Onlinepizza, and the Swedish Just-Eat company now are all under one hat. This will be a very strong company, and I am sure we together - under the management of the Onlinepizza and entrepreneurs - will be a big success in Sweden. And maybe in other countries as well.

Having fun in Linkoping

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