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At Just-Eat we have up until recently followed the traditional HR development policy of start-ups, i.e. throw the new recruits out in the ocean and see if they could swim. If they staid afloat, great, they would be ready for the next storm coming in a few weeks. If they drowned, that was bad for all, but the company moved quickly on. Start-up's seldom thinks long term when it comes to talent development, and there is often a cynical view on HR. It's one of the reasons why it can be much more challenging to succeed in a start-up, it is a much more demanding environment with bigger challenges and less support & coaching, but for those that can make it work it is the ride of a lifetime. But long term, that philosophy does not work, and at Just-Eat we have come to the conclusion a while ago that it is time to change. Already nearly three years ago we introduced "Functional Groups" that cut across countries and departments to enhance collaboration and skill development in key areas. The Functional Groups (FG's) is work in progress, but they add a lot of value to our institutional knowledge bank. We have a size where we can not afford to be reliant on a super genius in key areas, we need that super genius to institutionalise knowledge, spread it out and make all super geniuses. This philosophy has been key to obtaining the position as world leader in online takeaway ordering, but we want to go much further. There is so much more to do. We need to have structured approach to all kinds of learning and development - not instead of on-the-job-in-the-line-of-fire training & development (still the most important piece of the learning curve), but as a valuable supplement. We need to establish coaching modules on account management, on SEO best practice, on" guard" management, we need to have an international development program for managers, we need to learn many people about interpersonal communication skills, etc., etc. Most of this we already know a lot about as a company, but we need to makeprofessional programs around it. We are moving on this, but we need someone to take full ownership of this process together with me and several other leaders in Just-Eat. Someone who works together with all the specialists to help them arrange the training sessions, work with external experts to coordinate their input in the many programs,handle logistics, etc. We need a HR development coordinator - or as we call it: a HRcor (pronounced "Hardcore")! If you would like to be a Hardcore at Just-Eat, and learn us "learn to learn", then please send an email to Amy (am@just-eat.com). Just-Eat is according to our selves an exciting company, and in this role you will be working across the company, across borders, across functions and with a lot of different people, some of them proper nutters, some of them proper proper, but most of them nice an fun people. Help us to merge the best of the start-up HR philosophy with the best from the world of HR at the big corporations - merge the Jungle Law with INSEAD Business School. We will take people development into a new millennium (still to be decided what millennium I can assure it will be new -;) ) Looking forward to talk to you.

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