Just-Eat testing new tools for market penetration

As an organisation Just-Eat is ambitious and offensive. So, the other day a few of us went out to test some of our new equipment that we want to support our market penetration plans: tanks! It is an ideal piece of kit: it moves fast, protects against competition, and can return fire from all angles. It is a somewhat expensive, but hey, it is better than spending money on Google. The six of us split up on two teams with Carlos, David & me on Team A, and Mat, Mike & Rasmus on Team B. And then we went out to meet each other in a life and death battle. No digital stuff here, only hard metal; no prisoners taken. Here we have Team A driving out to battle, notice self confident and very professsional hand signalling: IMG_7730-2 And here is Team B, not quite sure they understand the seriousness of the whole affair - they do look a bit too jolly given they are on their way into combat:  IMG_7799-2   Team A moving strategically and fast around in the terrain, lurking to find the enemy:  IMG_7697-2 Team B trying to do the same, but again, not quite the same level of killer instinct, notice the lack of speed & momentum of the tank compared to Team A:  IMG_7994-2  Oh no, what is that, Team B's driver have fallen asleep in middle of the battle, very concerning: IMG_7974-2 BOOOM! As you can imagine, this was more than fun! We all became like teenagers again, it is paintball (40 mm paint ball shot out with a lot of pressure) for big boys, and I can highly recommend it if you are in the London area, even though the price can be steep. Check it out here at Armourgeddon. And how did it end? Well, each team had 12 shots at each other, and Team B did really well, because they hit Team A 11 times, which is very good. But: Team A got 12 clear and solid hits. Very good team building activity -;) Later on, we went on to do some more serious stuff: strategy seminar on how we concquer the World. Here we are, all working very hard: October 2010 2 044 And in the evening we went for dinner, had a few drinks and went back to the cottage, where our imaginary friend, Steve, joined us for a bit of fun: October 2010 2 043 I have always believed that mixing pleasure and professionalism is the way forward. The ability to be serious when needed, and have fun when possible is important to me, and luckily Just-Eat works the same way.

2 thoughts on “Just-Eat testing new tools for market penetration

  1. David Buttress

    Klaus you are far too kind to the enemy. It was a total domination from start to finish, their tank never really got out of reverse.

    Great to see my special friend Steve the bear again.

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