Just-Eat on Techcrunch 100

It is official: we are a cool company. A Techcrunch article about the most succesfull internet companies in Europe put Just-Eat on the list of the 100 most most innovative and highest-potential European tech companies! Hurrah. Well, we are no. 96, but it is still cool to be the 96th. coolest tech company in Europe ... it is a bit like being the guy that almost got a dance with the 52nd. most beautiful girl in high school. It sort of only makes sense, if we the next couple of years move way up the list, so that this is only a sign of things to come. I am not sure I quite understand the parameters though. I would say, that there are quite a few of the companies ahead of us, that we would easily beat if you did an in-depth analysis, and at the same time, there are some companies not on the list, which should be there. Anyway, at Just-Eat we are happy (we usually are, so no big surprise there), and the real thing for us is, that it is yet another pad on our shoulder confirming that we are on track to build a true, international success. Next year we will be a lot higher. If not, I promise to chew on one of my socks for a few minutes.

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