Just-Eat no. 1 in Switzerland without the “Just”

It is with great pleasure Just-Eat tonight can announce that we have entered into a partnership with the no. 1 Swiss operator of online takeaway ordering, Eat.ch. Reto, Lukas and the other guys behind Eat.ch has done a very good job with limited resources the last couple of years. Combining their position, local insight and energy with our capital and knowledge of how to scale a business aggressively will create a very strong company in the Alps. Reto & Co. actually found the original inspiration for their venture when they a handful of years ago experienced Just-Eat in Denmark. We know that quite a few entrepreneurs around the world has been inspired by how we do business, and we take pride in that. Especially when the same entrepreneurs end up partnering with us. Thanks to Eat.ch for trusting Just-Eat, and thanks to Rasmus, Camron and Jeff for making it happen on the Just-Eat side.

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