Just-Eat launched on the Moon

I am so happy to announce that Just-Eat as the first internet company in the world has officially landed on the Moon. It has been a massive project to get the rocket build and all systems integrated into our API's, and there has been a few errors and fatal casualties along the way, but we are all proud of what we now have achieved. Here is one of the front pages covering the story - the astrounat is Rasmus. He is also the first to play the sax on the moon, but that is irrelevant for this story. Feb2012 125 We would like to express our gratitude to our investors (yes, $4 bn is a lot of money, but how many VC's have invested in a truly cloud penetrating company?), NASA for lending a first stage rocket (ok maybe not lending, but thanks anyway, you can get it back if you go to Latitude 2.460181, Longitude -157.500000) the Chinese for hacking into Boeing Systems and sharing with us and finally to the aliens of Planet X34Masala for transporting our slightly defunct spaceship most of the way. What can we do with this experience, where will this take us? Mars is the obvious next frontier, but we are thinking bigger than that. There is a whole galaxy out there, Just-Eat will go universal. Come and join the first galactic internet company in our interstellar conquest. Everyone should be part of the revolution, don't cook, just-eat is our banner. NB: we are looking for restaurant entrepreneurs that want to set up shop on the Moon. Underlying demand right now is fairly low (the international space station is not far away, and they do like a good dim-sum), but if you are building your business for the long term, and enjoy space suits and lonely nights then this is a must. Real estate prices are low, and delivery scooters goes really-really fast.

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