Just-Eat goes samba

Just-Eat has landed on our fourth continent, and what a place! Brazil is one of the big, fast growing nations of the Planet, and in parts of the country there is a well developed food delivery culture. We have had our eyes on Latin America in general, and Brazil specifically, for a long time so it is about time we come out with the news that we are doing business in the country of Pele, Zico, Ronaldo and Ronaldhinho (in every World Cup when Denmark has been kicked out, Brazil always been my favourite team). Our investment in building the category leader in Brazil is of course a long term investment, since e-commerce penetration etc. is not quite as developed as in some of the other countries we are operating in, but that is fine with us - we are always ready to put in the effort over many years as long as we end up as winners. I recently came home from a Sao Paolo trip to check out our new company in Brazil. We have a great team in place now headed up by Emerson, Aldo and Adolfo. A strong team is also needed, because Brazil is a big opportunity for us, but also a very complex opportunity that will take many years and a lot of money to get right. Brazil will grow slower than e.g. the UK has done for us, but before 2020 Brazil will be one of the biggest countries in our Group. One of the important things when I visit our local teams is to get a feel for their fighting spirit and team work, and my visit to Sao Paolo was also on that dimension a very positive experience. The team is more senior than the normal country teams we put together, but they still have a hunger for success, and at Just-Eat that is something we know is half of what is needed to get through all the hurdles the next many years. Here a picture of most of the BR management team during lunch, and oh, there is a couple of other guys sitting there that are incognito for another week or so, stay tuned -;) JESaoPaoloAugust2011 We have had people on the ground for half a year preparing all the thousands of details necessary to do things successfully and adapt our concept to Brazil. Pt. we have nearly 20 people in Sao Paolo, incl. Emerson who is the Managing Director heading up our team. Personally, I am very excited about our long term opportunities in Brazil, and especially my 2014 visit will be a pleasure spiced up with a bit of World Cup football.

2 thoughts on “Just-Eat goes samba

  1. Emerson Calegaretti

    Klaus, thanks for the post and the love for Brazil 😉
    Glad to have joined such a wonderful organization, with people driving to win. Happy also to lead a senior group of leaders down here.

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