Just-Eat fills up the fridge with big funding round

It is with enormous joy we can announce that Just-Eat has secured a $48 Mio. series B funding round co-lead by Greylock Partners  and Redpoint Ventures which both are world class investors. Existing VC investor Index Ventures also participated significantly. It is by far the biggest funding round ever in this sector. This event means a huge amount to us here at Just-Eat. Firstly, we get our bank account filled up, so we can keep on growing our company throughout the world. We are already the world leader, but getting significant amounts of fresh capital into the company means our launch plan for new geographies can become even more ambitious. We are already profitable in our existing countries, but this funding round makes it possible to keep on investing heavily in existing countries, launching in a few of the remaining key markets in Europe while also pushing into Asia and the Americas. Furthermore, the investment is a big pad on the shoulder to everybody in the company who has helped grow this company the last 10 years. Many people have played a significant role in the success of the company all the way from a small start-up Denmark to the international success story which is now run out of London. Lastly, I think it is great, that for once, Americans VC's are acknowledging that it is a European company who is the clear leader in a future multi-multi-billion dollar industry. I have lots of respect for the US/Silicon Valley ecosystem and it's amazing ability to churn out world beating tech companies, but I think we will all benefit from Europe getting joining the race for the future to a much bigger extent. Thanks to all Just-Eat'ers, and thanks to the investors for believing so much in us. We will do everything we can to show that the trust was well deserved. Cheers for many more years of growth - and now we will go back to work!   NB: to be honest, even though I am extremely happy about this milestone for our company, then the situation in Japan with fires and explosions in a nuclear facility is dampening my mood a great deal. Must be terrible and nervewreaking for the people of Japan. Let us all hope that this situation gets under control ASAP!

4 thoughts on “Just-Eat fills up the fridge with big funding round

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  3. Per Meldgaard

    First of all congrats on the new founding! I’m sure this will help growing the company even more.

    Secondly it’s fun to see something never changes; “How do we write the name of our company?” Is it JustEat, Just-Eat, Just Eat or some other variation?

    I’ve seen a couple of blog posts regarding the new funding on the web e.g. by some of the people heading the company around Europe and there is no consistency. Even on this blog I see two different variations.
    Besides that I recently saw an article in a Danish newspaper consistently using just.eat which makes no sense at all.

    Right from the early days when we decided to run with this name it was an issue and I remember trying to keep the same wording on the web site – That wasn’t easy and I can only imagine how hard it is now….

    Anyway good luck with reaching new goals and if you ask me I’ve always preferred Just-Eat.

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