Just-Eat doing great in the Alps

A couple of weeks ago, I went to see the Eat.ch team in Zurich. It's a great team with Reto, Lukas and Alexander at the core. Switzerland is not a huge market, and it was not even one of our strategically prioritized markets, but when we met the Eat.ch team we concluded success was not far away, so we decided opportunistically to skip the priority list and go for a partnership. Today we are very happy that we didn't stick to our nice power point plans, CH will be great for us. Here parts of the team is looking busy: MidJune2011 032 One of the benefits of operating in Switzerland, one of the most beatiful countries on the planet, is that we now have a great excuse to visit the Alps in the winter time to do a bit of skiing. I am sure we can sell a pizza or two at Davos.

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