Just-Eat branding concept

Half a year ago 4% of the UK population knew about Jut-Eat and today it is probably double up. But that is still a low awareness for a company that aspires to be a household brand and category killer. Together with Hooper Galton we have started to look into how to get the message out in a more powerfull way. We can always throw a lot of money at the problem, but we also need to be just a "little bit" creative here. And the good thing is, that a lot of people have a relationship to takeaway, even a passionate relationship. Curry, pizza, chinese, sushi, thai, etc. - we all know good and bad "takeaway stories", and we all have our favourite, local takeaway restaurants. So in many ways, it is an easy message to get out: now you can order from your favourite takeaway restaurants in a super convenient and safe way. This is the smart way to order takeaway, i.e. "Just-Eat, takeaway the smart way". We have a neat concept on the drawing board with some funny characters, but the key issue is how direct we should be in the communication. I am a direct person my self, no tikka-tikking here, so I prefer the direct message. If you have any good ideas please throw me a comment or email. If the idea is good and we pick it up, I promise great takeaway is coming your way!

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