Irish status: goood

Me and some of the other HQ fat cats went to Dublin last week to have our monthly business review of the Irish business. James Galvin (Galvin means "young, but with a grumpy edge" in Gaelic) has done a great job as Country Manager the last one and a half year since he was thrown into the battle. He did not inherit the most beautiful kingdom, but he sure has made it look very pretty since then. A bit of turnaround and a lot of growth has made Ireland a very strong Just-Eat bastion. 600 restaurants, a lot of orders and a good team and team spirit is the result.  After the formal proceedings on numbers and activities we went for dinner in the evening at a great restaurant called "the Farm". It is of course on the leading Irish online takeaway site, so if you live in Dublin and like good traditional Irish food with a twist, then it is worthwhile ordering from the Farm. Below is a picture where I try to capture the atmosphere that evening, anyway, fun it was. EndOfApril2010 021 And a big applause to the IE team, keep up the good work. The dedication and energy James and his team has shown is exactly what is needed in every single market where we operate. That combined with leveraging the intellectual capital we as a company has earned over the last 9 years is the recipe for success.

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