Introducing Mat

After having spend a lot of time looking for the right senior marketing person to join Just-Eat, we have finally found "our guy". It is Mat Braddy, former Toptable, Financial Times/ and Mat is actually not the profile we looked for, but as soon as I met him, I felt we had been looking for the wrong profile, and Mat was the right profile. We had been looking for a classical, senior FMCG branding specialist that had a good understanding of digital. We found plenty of senior FMCG people, and even though a couple of them actually had some digital experience, it was too far away from what we need. 10 years from now, I am sure that the "strategic, big campaign" marketers will be mixed with the "metrices oriented fast cycle online marketers" because they just have to. And Mat will be one of the first to have deep roots in both worlds after having spend a few years building our brand, and assuring extra momentum on all the good stuff we already do on the digital side. Mat is definitely strong on the digital side. He is one of the best I have ever met - with a no-nonsense attitude to marketing. No messing around here. But; what about the big branding set-up and all the "if you were an animal, what animal would you then be" discussions? Well, if you know about positioning and messaging (which Mat of course does) then an intimate collaboration with a good agency etc. will do the last bit. I am really looking forward to working with Mat, and so are all the other guys. The top team in Just-Eat is finally set, and we are ready to grow even more. Now we just need some extra money - but I don't think we are far away from having solved that issue ...

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