Introducing Carlos

Let me introduce the new VP Engineering/CTO/great-IT-guy (I love titles) of Just-Eat! We have for a while been looking for a senior technologist and leader, that could take overall leadership of IT/technology within our company. We have of course already IT management today, but they have never tried to build an IT function that could scale and build a truly international internet success. Not many have a background to succeed in such a position, but with a bit of luck, we now have a great guy that makes me feel very comfortable about our IT future; Carlos Morgado. I bumped into Carlos via a referral from LinkedIn  (I am sure many old school headhunters sometimes hate that system, it is really a powerful tool to get in contact with people). First I set up a phone call late one evening, and we kept talking for on and a half hour - not that that is a success criteria in it self, but I felt very good after that. Later, Carlos has met a six of the other senior managers (incl. the guy who runs IT now, and will also be an important person going forward) and talked to numerous others, and for some reason Carlos has not been scared away. And why Carlos? He understands web & technology, he can communicate & lead and he is good colleague that is willing to go that extra mile to make ends meet. One of the first things Carlos will be doing is probably to build up a new development team in London that can run in parallel with the guys in Aarhus. Extra development power and being able to tap into the biggest possible pool of development is key. If you are interested in a position, let us know. Good stuff. We should never forget, that a big chunk of our business is completely intertwined with technology, and Carlos will together with the old and new accelerate our progress further to take the full advantage of what technology can do for hungry people.

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