Introducing Adrian: from music to food

In the summer of 2010, we started to look for a COO here at Just-Eat. Throughout the autumn we talked to dozens of candidates, many of them with very strong backgrounds and personalities. A couple of times we were really close, but then something came in the way. When we recruit to our partnership (i.e. the exec team), it is a rigid process, where all the partners/exec's are involved, and everybody has a veto. It is so important that the chemistry and balance in the team is right, so I don't want one or two guys not buying into the arrival of a new partner. The process dragged out a couple of months until we met Adrian Blair in November. Not only does Adrian has an impressive pedigree (Oxford, Harvard, Google, Spotify), but much more important is it, that he is a genuinely smart and energetic person with a nice personality. Exactly what we were looking for. Late in December we then agreed with Adrian that he should move out of the music business  and join the food business, but unfortunately he had to spend a couple of months before he could leave his existing employer, so it is not until next week Adrian is fully on board. Together with the local teams, Adrian shall secure Just-Eat always become market leaders wherever we are. The international team is now almost fully in place, and together with Rasmus heading up our Incubator activities (new launches, partnerships, M&A), we have a very  strong group of paratroopers that can support the local teams in their pursuit of gold and glory. And when talking about internationalisation, stay tuned because quite a lot will happen the next month!

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