Some people arranging a conference in Copenhagen want me to do a presentation on "internationalisation". Perfect, I will spend half a day in the city and maybe link up with some old friends and colleagues. And internationalisation is always interesting to talk about, I have worked with it most of the time since I graduated in 1994, so I should know a thing or two about it. When they first asked me to do the presentation, they wanted to hear how we "successfully had launched in many countries". I replied back, that I think it was more interesting to talk about our failures, because that is where you really learn what works and what doesn't I think we have cracked 90% if the code now. There are still a couple of details on the marketing side, but in terms of IT, Operations and Sales we are pretty much there. And we have for sure learned both from the successful countries as well as those that struggled incl. our Icelandic partnership, which we closed down completely at the beginning of the year. And what are the key success factors? Well, of course I will not write that here, because this is one of the areas, where we have a competitive advantage, so no need to reveal it. But at the same time, I am sure, that also in the future, we will see launches that does not really work (even though it will happen less often than in the past) since this is a moving target, and we have many more markets to open. We just need to improve all the time in this area as well as in several other core areas.

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