I’m stopping as JUST EAT CEO

Yep, I am stepping down as JUST EAT CEO! History When I joined JUST EAT in March nearly 5 years ago, the original plan was to take one year at a time. I had never been involved in anything for 5 years, and thinking 5 years ahead seemed impossible, so one year at a time seemed to be the sensible thing. By August 2008 I had moved to London with my family, and very soon after that I 1) fell in love with the company and 2) realised that JUST EAT could become much bigger than anyone could imagine. I knew it would still be one year at a time, but I also knew that it could be a long and very interesting journey. In the beginning of 2008 JUST EAT was still a fairly small company, but it had build a very solid business in Denmark that earned money, 90% of our revenues were in Denmark. We decided to make UK the core market for us, and then launch in other markets as much as we could given the UK priority. Then the rocket really started. For me, the inflexion point was summer-autumn 2009. In spring/summer 2009 we negotiated and finally closed our series A round with Index as a lead, and in the autumn we did the first TV campaign in UK which together with solid restaurant growth and a lot of other activities saw the orders go through the roof. In those 5 years, the company went from being a 35-man Danish company that was one of several companies in the online takeaway ordering space to becoming the world leader with 1,000 employees. Very few world leaders have roots in Europe, so everybody who contributed should be happy. And it is not at all the end for JUST EAT - more about that later. Why and why now Once every quarter my wife has asked me to stop working for JUST EAT. We moved back home to Denmark nearly 2 years ago, and since then I have travelled more than 3 days a week, a lot to London obviously, but also to many other countries. And that is tough when you have a family with small kids. You can do that for only so long - and I planned to do it for a bit longer despite a bit of home front scepticism. But, that is not really good enough from the company's perspective, I have to accept that. A company such as JUST EAT, with it's ambitious plans and momentum needs a CEO who is committed for many more years, and it "might" also be a good idea to have a person who is more often in London where we have most of the central functions, the Group exec team, etc. So before the "next phase" of the company it makes sense to get a new CEO on board, it is not healthy to change the leader when crossing a river, it has to happen well before that. Ideally I would have staid a bit longer, but there is a logic that I can't argue against. Tough for me, right for the company. The future of JUST EAT Regarding the future of JUST EAT, there is only one thing to say: it will be awesome. There are so many things happening in the company, so much momentum and so many good people that it can only be better. Some of the areas where I am particularly excited is what we will do the next 6-12 months on the technology side. Also, the continuous improvements of all the small details of sales, marketing and operations are happening all the time. Customers and restaurants can look forward to a lot of good stuff. Thanks So, it is time to say thanks to everybody who helped move the company forward. I don't want to mention any specific JUST EAT'ers, each of you know how much you have contributed, and there are so many of you. Also thanks to restaurants and consumers, investors, advisers, partners and friends. You all deserve a slice of the success. The JUST EAT journey will continue - and I will quietly follow it from the distance, but start on another journey my self. What that will be I don't know for sure (a few ideas though, and let me know if you have any as well ...) - it will be something with good people and growth for sure. Yehaa! UPDATE Here is the internal, amateur goodbye video I made to all my great colleagues. If you don't understand the quirkiness, then join the company and you will get it -;) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHTyvUkfAXo

10 thoughts on “I’m stopping as JUST EAT CEO

  1. Irshad Khan

    So sorry to hear the news, your are by far the fastest moving CEO I have had the pleasure to work with!!

    Good luck in your next venture…

    Irshad Khan

  2. Aisling

    Best of luck Klaus. I’m sure your family will be delighted to have you all to themselves for a while until your next adventure 🙂

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  4. Klein

    Hej Klaus
    Hatten af og respekt for din beslutning, det må nogle møj søde børn du har fået dig 🙂

    Bedste hilsner

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