I just love this job

Yesterday, I came home from our "World Meeting" in Spain. It was simply brilliant! First, I spend Wednesday together with the rest of the Group Management Team outside London. As a starter, we shot down a couple of clay pigeonsIMG00070-20090909-1402[1]. In the picture, most of my team gets ready for some very serious business. We look a bit like a SWAT team, and when we got the gun, we also felt like that. I should have taken a picture of the position of Rasmus W.'s legs when he shot, since they were in a very strange angle, but instead you will have to do with a picture of Mat, who deserves the Biggest Improvement title, even though he when winning that title had the benefit of a really bad starting position. IMG00072-20090909-1518[1] And what about my own performance? Well, I should of course have wun, given my cocky attitude and ancestral superiority (my grandfather wun the world championship in rifle shooting some time in the 30's), but I was a bit unlucky ... It was my first shoot ever , so I concentrated very well on the difficult ranges (with great result), and a bit less on the not so difficult ones, with equivalent poor performance as a result! Out of 32 possible hits, I got 26 points, so of the 9 participants, I had to share the second place with Mike, which is ok, but what really-really is horrible is, that the below guy got 28 points and wun. I will not mention his name - he is Welsh though! IMG00073-20090909-1532[1] But the shoot, was of course more about what team wun (!), and that was a stellar victory for my team -;) After a couple of hours of fun, we then had 6 hours of presentation and discussion until midnight. All the big ego's danced their dance, and we managed to have some good, fact-based and creative discussions with an edge. Perfect, it's a good Partnership. The day after we went off to the real meeting, where all managers in the company should meet in Malaga, Spain. If the day together outside London had been good, then the World Meeting was f..... brilliant. Great mix of professional program ... Seminar Spain Sept 2009 ... a bit of social activity Thursday evening ... WM Sept 2009 Thursday Evening ... a bit more social activity on Friday evening ... WM Sept 2009 Friday Evening ... and some quite late night activity - whenever that was. WM Sept 2009 Late night After an event like this, I really see crystal clear, why I love my job. The combination of being part of a success, and building that success with a great team is what makes it for me (and I don't mind if there is $ at the end of the rainbow as well). Thanks guys, brilliant.

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