Hi super star, here is your job!

We are now more than 250 people in Just-Eat, so it is getting a bit busy for me to be involved in the substance all the way round. Some of my dear colleagues wants me to hire a Personal Assistant (I will continue to book my own flights for some time still), but I don't think that is the right solution for where we are now. Instead, I want to work together with a young, talented and energetic person with tech insight and business acumen that can support me and my colleagues with analysis, project management, follow-up, etc., i.e. a lot of substantial stuff. It is a great position, and I have pretty much drafted the job description according to what I would have loved to do when I was 10-15 years younger. If you are interested, then check out the job description and ponder whether this is your dream job. And remember: it is always fun to be involved in building a true, international success story -;)

2 thoughts on “Hi super star, here is your job!

  1. Jesper Buch

    Congratz. Im sure that will be a very interesting position 🙂 Hey… im the first one to right comment on your site…cool ….

    Hope world meeting went well…

    Jesper Buch

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