Heja Norge

I love Norway, it is a beautiful country with a lot of positive and "hyggelige" people. This week I staid there for a couple of days to see the new office of our Norwegian online takeaway service and mingle with the Norwegian colleagues. As always it was a nice experience. After some serious start-up difficulties in the first half of 2010 the new team is in control and seeing very good growth and restaurant happiness - lots of hungry surfers becoming increasingly happy to access a much better choice of cuisine instead of only going to one of the few, big chains. It again shows it is all down to the team. Here is part of the team (Morten, Lars and Alpha) at their desks. NorwayMay2011 001 Norwegians are a proud people, and they like to be a bit better than everybody else in an understated way - "no need to shout we are the best" is the philosophy. So it was a clear high five, when I asked Morten why they did not have a big map of the country and main cities just like all other Just-Eat offices do, and he with a big smile replied " maps are very old fashioned", pointed at a big screen on the wall with integrated projector and touch screen functionality, and continued "we go to Google maps and share it all on the big screen". Yes, the Norwegians are a little bit smarter than the rest of us -;) NB: and they stole our (Danish) oil ... that's an internal comment!

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