Happy New Year 2012

Thanks to all Just-Eat friends, customers, restaurants, partners and colleagues for a terrific 2011. Our small company accomplished so much in those 12 months, and I am really proud of what we have achieved. Some of our highlights are:
  • We grew our UK business to more than 10,000 active restaurants - and a looooot of orders.
  • We pushed into new countries, where we are now market leaders: Brazil, India, Italy, Switzerland - and one more European country has been added via a partnership just before Christmas, details will be announced in January.
  • We launched a couple of exciting new products, e.g. our mobile solution came in the beginning of 2011. It is still a fairly basic version, but it works and e.g. in the UK it is giving us more than 10% of our orders.
  • We worked better than ever across countries and our ability to exchange ideas and move best practices back and forth is getting pretty good. We are really learning how to get the most out of acting local and still operating globally.
  • We added a lot of good people to the company. We are now 500+ colleagues in the organisation, and many of those has arrived the last 12 months. As usual I am looking forward to saying hello to most of them at our annual World Party in May.
Of course it was not everything that went according to plan, and in some cases we even failed. For example we have to admit, that in some countries our service up time has not been good enough, e.g. our payment service providers in a couple of countries has not been living up to the standard our customers and restaurants expect from us. There has been other operational issues as well, and even though we are much better than last year, then we need to focus more on stability of all the services that makes up our tech platform. But that was 2011, now we are ready to get the most out of the next 366 days (yep, 2012 is a leap year), and I am sure it will be exciting. I think we will run through all emotions possible, happiness, frustration, anger, joy, love, hate, etc. - but that is part of the ride when building a true, global success story. If you can't handle that, then stay a long way away from start-up and high growth companies. All at Just-Eat are wishing you the best in 2012, we hope to serve our customers and restaurants even better than last year.

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