Great days and nights in Toronto

I have just come home from a great trip to Toronto, where Rasmus W. and I met with Dave & Rob who runs We did the Quarterly Business Review over there, and went through all the details of the company bit by bit, and these guys are really driving the business forward. Yes, there are the usual upstart problems we always see the first 6-12 months, but we will fix that. We are moving in more aggressively than we have ever done before in a new country, but we believe it is worthwhile even though it costs quite a lot of money the next couple of years. We have the team and the market, so let's invest. Below, Dave is explaining why Canada is the greatest nation on Earth while Rob scratches his head and Rasmus thinks about PPC conversion. CA Toronto Meeting 001   Over the last 12 months, we have become much better at supporting new countries, much-much better actually. Sales and Marketing are of course important, but to get a good start on the Admin side is also critical, and despite the usual hiccups, then CA is ahead of where we would normally be only half a year after launch. It has taken a lot of manual work to make up for some of the systems that were not fine tuned when we launched, but that is how it is to start a company - and the guys has put in the necessary work. This is difficult to document in a convincing way just with a picture, but I will give a try anyway (!) CA Toronto Meeting 002 One evening, instead of takeaway (or takeaout as it is called over there) we went out for dinner to the CN Tower, quite impressive view from up there I have to say. And fancy gimmick that the restaurant 350 metres up turns around, so without leaving your table you get the 360 degree view... I was up the CN Tower first time in 1994, but back then I was just a poor globetrotter with no money, so I only enjoyed a bottle of water while fighting with tourists over the best spot on the lower decks. Also, it was very impressive that Rob managed to eat his way through a 20 oz beef. This might not scare a North American, but it is a serious amount of meat for a simple Scandinavian. It really does take a well functioning digestive system to deal with that amount of protein. Enjoy it while you can, soon climate policies will end the opportunity to eat that amount of beef in one go. And here is a picture to document those jolly good old days, when we ate like crazy. CA Toronto Meeting 004 Anyway, I am really enthusiastic about our Canadian company. 18 months from now, the size and momentum will mean that they will support the overall growth of the company. And, the US market can be seen from the CN Tower, so interesting bridgehead we have here in North America.

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